Make a full time salary just from selling courses several times over.

I am constantly asked about what is the best platform to…

FinOps, or “Cloud Financial Operations” is the practice of bringing financial accountability to the variable spend model of cloud, enabling distributed teams to make business trade-offs between speed, cost, and quality.

To stay adept, enterprise professionals both technical and managerial today opt for top notch training and certifications such as…

Cloud FinOps is an acronym for “Cloud Financial Operations” or “Cloud Financial Management” or even “Cloud Cost Management”.

FinOps brings together an organization and presents a strict method for financial accountability that the enterprises business units can work with.

The nature of cloud is variable as we know and this…

Cloud FinOps is all about creating and presenting the financial impact of a managed cloud service over the business.

With A Cloud FinOps practice, companies are in a position to know their clear picture of AWS cloud finance management.

Note that Cloud FinOps is not limited to companies who have…

With the advent of cloud computing, a lot of enterprise organizations are opting for cloud-based apps and operations.

With these types of operations they are also expecting their both technical and even non technical managers to understand the financial aspects of cloud computing such as understanding cloud spend.

To stay…

The importance of a Zero Trust Architecture: An Introduction and Overview

In cybersecurity world, Zero Trust security is considered as a stepping stone.

Zero Trust Architecture is considered to be the most efficient and best practice for Cybersecurity infrastructure.

A Zero Trust Architecture is a method of designing cybersecurity infrastructure and network according on the basis of Zero Trust Architecture.


Deployment Manager Rocks. Get to know Google Cloud’s IaaC solution.

Google Cloud provides a great way to manage Google Cloud resources using the Google Deployment manager.

With a Google Deployment manager, all the infrastructure is automated that create and manage Google Cloud resources.

The manager allows you to configure files and write flexible templates.

With the Google Deployment manager, you…

Anthos brings cloud application management to new levels, get to know this exciting service.

Google Cloud is one of the most popular cloud providers in the entre Cloud market.

AWS, being the leader in cloud space was the first one to introduce cloud and dominate the cloud industry.

After that, comes other Cloud players such as Google Cloud with its flexible solutions and affordable…

Linux development and certifications are getting popularity all over the world.

Getting your certification in a specialized area such as Linux can really help to promote your skillsets, provide better job opportunities and provide recognition.

There are two main “Linux Focused” Certifications providers for Linux based certifications and training. …

This post is one in a series from TechCommanders for the Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS) and the Linux Foundation Certified Engineer (LFCE) exam preparation series.

Linux is not considered a platform where most rising developers create innovative technologies. That of course has really changed and there is a wealth of resources available now.

Being a Linux developer or engineer, it is easy to learn multiple tasks with hands-on experience.

However not always it is easy…

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