Over the years, digitalization has given rise to many economic, social, and geopolitical trends. It has also given birth to more dependency on internet services, digital banking, and, more importantly, digital currency.

Digital currency over the last decade has spawned many fierce debates among economists regarding its unpredictable nature but…

Have you ever wondered that how impactful digitalization has undergone?

Many studies show that digital marketplaces and currencies such as cryptocurrency and NFT marketplaces will be the trendsetters in economic charts in the future.

To illuminate and elaborate on the literal understanding of NFT marketplaces, we will draw your attention…

Get to know how these token work and why you should consider them.

Anyone that wants to venture into the world of NFTs to make money needs to know how they work.

A lot of people make costly mistakes with NFTs because they do not really understand how they work.

Blockchain, since its inception, has been known to feature some of the most efficient techniques that are believed to change the dynamics of the global industry.

Blockchain has been known to provide the idea of “Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT),” which has been taken forth by numerous developers in light to…

Which certification is best for someone new to cloud? Lets discuss and lets provide some interesting facts about each.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure are both Cloud Computing Services Providers. Cloud Computing is the on-demand, pay-as-you-go provisioning of IT services over the Internet.

Instead of purchasing, operating, and maintaining…

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform are both Cloud Computing Service providers. Amazon Web Services (AWS), founded in 2006 by Amazon. AWS is the world’s most complex and commonly utilized cloud platform, with over two hundred fully featured services available from data centers all over the world.


Joseph Holbrook

Blockchain and Cloud Evangelist Blogger, Author and Conference Speaker. I speak, write & teach blockchain.

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